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Polar Gateways Arctic Circle Sunrise

Polar Gateways Arctic Circle Sunrise 2008

Polar Gateways Arctic Circle Sunrise - Discussion Documents

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The following documents are provided by Polar Gateways participants for free public access and discussion on science, missions, historical, and other issues that were discussed at the conference and are of continuing interest.

  • + First South Pole Station Winter 1957 (Bob Benson's video material to supplement his Polar Gateways slide presentation)

      The first South Pole Station Winter in 1957, as documented in 8-mm movies taken by Robert F. Benson, is described here in six video chapters. These files are based on 34 50-ft rolls of film edited down to two 400 ft reels that were converted into digital files many decades later.

      1. McMurdo Sound (Video - 1.4Gb)
      Chapter 1 (McMurdo Sound) shows activities around McMurdo Sound in January and February of 1957 while trying to repair the ice runway so that it could accept the large Air Force C-124 Globemaster supply planes. It ends with the flight of the last seven of the South-Pole wintering-over party aboard a Navy ski-equipped R-4D for the flight on 12 February to the geographic South Pole more than 800 miles away.

      2. Preparing for Winter (Video - 535Mb)
      Chapter 2 (Preparing for Winter) shows the camp as it appeared in early February and construction activities leading up to sunset in March.

      3. Sunset, Moon Motions (Video - 129Mb)
      Chapter 3 (Sunset, Moon Motions) contains twilight scenes around sunset as well as time-lapse movies and still photographs depicting the motion of the Moon.

      4. Station Life (Video - 630Mb)
      Chapter 4 (Station Life) illustrates winter activities inside and outside the station including a midwinter picnic and performing science tasks.

      5. Sunrise, New Arrivals (Video - 259Mb)
      Chapter 5 (Sunrise, New Arrivals) shows sunrise during record cold, twilight scenes of the station after the winter, and the return of aircraft including the first plane to land since February 12th on October 26th (a Navy P2-V Neptune with 16 new arrivals).

      6. Airdrops, Departures (Video - 607Mb)
      Chapter 6 (Airdrops, Departures) includes the (unintended) free fall of a D-2 tractor from an Air Force C-124 Globemaster among the airdrops and work with the new arrivals to prepare the station for the 2nd winter.

  • + As I Cross the Heliopause at Midnight, I Think of My Mission
    by Matthew Zapruder, in Come on All You Ghosts, Copyright 2010
    Poetry Foundation, Reprinted by permission of Copper Canyon Press.
  • + W. M. Keck Research Laboratory for Astrochemistry - User Solicitation
    by R. I. Kaiser, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oct. 20, 2011
  • + Sputnik Plus Option for Jupiter Europa Orbiter Descope
    John F. Cooper and Edward C. Sittler,
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Apr. 17, 2011
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Polar Gateways Arctic Circle Sunrise 2008

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