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Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) is the NASA active and permanent archive for non-solar heliophysics data (solar data at SDAC), per the NASA Heliophysics Science Data Management Policy. SPDF is a project of the Heliophysics Science Division (HSD) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. SPDF also provides multi-project, cross-disciplinary access to data to enable correlative and collaborative research across discipline and mission boundaries with present and past missions. SPDF maintains the SSCweb database of spacecraft orbits, the OMNIweb cross-normalized database, and the Common Data Format (CDF) self-describing science data format and associated software.

News & Announcements
NOTICE: April 2021: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) data have been extended to December 2020 - February 2021 in the SPDF archive and CDAWeb, and include Encounter 6 and the rest of Orbit 6. Most of the ISOIS datasets include new variables. This release adds a new ISOIS ephemeris dataset, a new SWEAP alpha particle distribution dataset, and reprocessed Digital Fields Board (DFB) cross spectra and subset of FIELDS MAG data.

NOTICE: April 2021: Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) Level 1C data have been fully reprocessed with updated radiometric calibration and background subtraction. All Level 2 data products have been reprocessed using the new version of L1C data, as well as improved algorithms for the ON2, QEUV and TDISK data products. See the release notes for further information. The NMAX, ON2 and TDISK datasets are currently available in CDAWeb (with others coming soon).

NOTICE: March 2021: SPDF acknowledgements increase to near 40%. The usage statistics and acknowledgments of our SPDF services have been compiled and published for the year 2020.

NOTICE: March 2021: Ionospheric CONnection (ICON) level 0-Prime, 1 and 2 data files are in the SPDF ICON archive. The data sets will be added to the CDAWeb system soon.

NOTICE: February 2021:To reach SPDF support services staff please use our new email address: (for help with CDAWeb, SSCWeb, SPDF Web Services and OMNIWeb). To reach CDF support staff please use:

NOTICE: July 2020: SPDF WEB ADDRESS CHANGES: Alternate names for the web addresses for various SPDF web sites have been deprecated and redirected to the standard name. For instance, please change any use of to and to

NOTICE: The MMS Level 2 data products are available via SPDF HTTPS and all data sets are available in CDAWeb. The range of publicly available MMS data will continue to be updated weekly.

page icon  New CDF Version 3.8.0 Released

Common Data Format (CDF) Version 3.8.0 is now available. Updates for Perl, IDL, Matlab, and Java interfaces and the SKTeditor CDF editor are available. For further details and changes, see the CDF release notes.

  Email list for SPDF Announcements

Please sign up for an email list of announcements related to SPDF software and services (changes, upgrades, outages). Postings to will be very infrequent but are especially useful to regular users of our web services and Java clients (CDAWeb+, xSonify, TIPSOD). To subscribe, go to or send an email to .

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