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About SPDF
Monthly Use of SPDF Data Services:

The following chart shows the steady growth in monthly usage of various SPDF data services in the last years. The statistics shown measure actual execution of data services
(i.e., plot / list / create / download / run) and not simple page hits.

Some pre-2001 FTP statistics (included under"Files Retrieved") and GIFWalk statistics are not available.

stacked chart of month-by-month usage of selected SPDF data services
SPDF/SECAA Data Service Usage Chart (Click on chart for larger version)
Usage Case Studies:

Example Case Studies in the Use of SPDF Data Services -

  • A cluster of 11 AGU publications surveyed, mostly in 2003-2004, yielded an impressive array of new results about the outer magnetosphere of Earth, all of which depended critically on input solar wind observations obtained through CDAWeb.
  • Two magnetospheric oscillation papers (Huang et al, 2003a and 2003b) both make extensive use of CDAWeb data correlated to other sources for investigation of global magnetospheric response to solar wind pressure impulses.
  • SPDF's services are acknowledged as playing an important role in developing geospace models as well as in helping the science community with the use of these models.

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