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CDF Skeleton Editor Uninstall Instructions

The following describes how to uninstall this application and, optionally, all prerequisite software.

The procedure to uninstall this application depends upon the following:

If you originally followed the Manual Installation procedures, then you should refer to the uninstall procedures that accompanied each product (e.g., Java SE, CDF, and the Skeleton Editor) and follow those instructions.

For a computer running Microsoft Windows that did not have the prerequisite Java software already installed, the ISTP CDF Skeleton Editor and the automatically installed Java may be removed by removing Java. The automatically installed Java is removed by using the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove the J2SE Runtime Environment.

If your computer already had the prerequisite Java software installed (or you want to leave Java installed), then the application can be uninstalled in one of two ways depending upon the operating system and version of Java you are using.

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