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Command-Line CDF Checkers

The SKTEditor GUI application contains two separate CDF standard checking functions.  The first checks a CDF for compliance with the ISTP/SPDF guidelines.  The second checks a CDF for compliance with project-specific guidelines (e.g., MMS Mission CDF File Format and Units of Measure Guides).  The project-specific validation is specified by an XML file. The example files included with SKTEditor are the following:

You may create your own project-specific validation files by looking at the provided file.

This CDF checking software can also be run from a CLI (in addition to running it from within SKTEditor).  An advantage to running the software from a CLI is to automate the checking of many files.  The following instructions detail how to use the checkers from a CLI.

  1. Install CDF (with Java) from here.  If necessary for your platform/configuration (mainly Unix/Linux)
  2. Do a "traditional" installation of skteditor.  That is, download and unzip the file. 
  3. The remaining commands are from within the directory created by the unzip operation
    $ cd skteditor-version
  4. Extract the MMS validation file from the spdfjavaClasses.jar like this
  5. To run the MMS-specific validation
  6. To run the ISTP validation
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