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Traditional CDF Skeleton Editor Installation

This procedure installs the CDF Skeleton Editor as a traditional Java desktop application (i.e., not a Java Web Start application). This type of installation enables the editor to read and write .skt files. It also provides the user with greater control (and responsibility) over the versions of the individual software components.

Step 1: Install Java

If necessary, install Java version 8 or higher.  This step is not necessary on many Linux distributions which include Java by default.

Step 2: Install CDF

CDF and its installation instructions are available from

Step 3: Install the SKTEditor application

Choose a folder in which to install the SKTEditor (e.g., C:\Program Files\).
Download the SKTeditor (SHA-256) archive file.  Extract the files from the downloaded archive into the folder choosen above.
Copy the cdfjava.jar file from the CDF folder to the SKTEditor/extensions folder.

Step 4: Run the SKTEditor application

Double-click on the spdfjavaClasses.jar file to run the application.
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