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Virtual Energetic Particle Observatory - Multi-source Spectra

To support both research and data quality assessment/enhancement, VEPO has created two interfaces for generating spectral plots of energetic particle fluxes from multiple instruments flown on multiple spacecraft. The fluxes are as averaged over user- specified time spans.

Users may retrieve listings of flux averages for each source whose spectrum is displayed on a given plot. Users may retrieve best-fit coefficients for a power law fit to each spectrum (or portion thereof). Users may also link from the MSSP pages to a source-specific page from which he/she can generate time series plots or lists of fluxes for any species and energy bin(s) that that source provides.

The original MSSP page addresses H and He fluxes from each of 25 near- Earth and deep-space spacecraft/instrument sources, starting in 1972. This page is located here.

The second page, MSSP-2, addresses fluxes for anywhere between 3 and 15 distinct atomic species from each of 9 spacecraft/instrument sources, starting in 1995. This page is located here.

We welcome suggestions, including for additional data to be added to these interfaces.

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