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OMNI was referenced in 21 papers
COHOWeb was referenced in 0 papers
SPDF was referenced in 2 papers
SSDOO was referenced in 1 papers
ModelWeb was referenced in 3 papers
CDAWeb was referenced in 43 papers
FTPBrowser was referenced in 0 papers
SSCWeb was referenced in 1 papers
NSSDC was referenced in 39 papers
ATMOWeb was referenced in 0 papers
OMNIWeb was referenced in 18 papers
NSSDCFTP was referenced in 1 papers
HelioWeb was referenced in 0 papers

Science Enabled Research Papers in JGR for 2006 (80 out of 477 papers)
  1. Title=Repetitive substorms caused by Alfvénic waves of the interplanetary magnetic field during high-speed solar wind streams
    Authors=Lee, D.-Y., L. R. Lyons, K. C. Kim, J.-H. Baek, K.-H. Kim, H.-J. Kim, J. Weygand, Y.-J. Moon, K.-S. Cho, Y. D. Park, and W. Han
    article=A12214; doi=10.1029/2006JA011685; pubdate=20 December 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNIWeb

  2. Title=Particle and field measurements of the Starfish diamagnetic cavity
    Authors=Dyal, P.
    article=A12211; doi=10.1029/2006JA011827; pubdate=16 December 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  3. Title=Variability of low-energy ion flux profiles on interplanetary shock fronts
    Authors=Neugebauer, M., J. Giacalone, E. Chollet, and D. Lario
    article=A12107; doi=10.1029/2006JA011832; pubdate=16 December 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  4. Title=Radial diffusion and MHD particle simulations of relativistic electron transport by ULF waves in the September 1998 storm
    Authors=Fei, Y., A. A. Chan, S. R. Elkington, and M. J. Wiltberger
    article=A12209; doi=10.1029/2005JA011211; pubdate=15 December 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  5. Title=Climatologies of nighttime upper thermospheric winds measured by ground-based Fabry-Perot interferometers during geomagnetically quiet conditions: 2. High-latitude circulation and interplanetary magnetic field dependence
    Authors=Emmert, J. T., G. Hernandez, M. J. Jarvis, R. J. Niciejewski, D. P. Sipler, and S. Vennerstrom
    article=A12303; doi=10.1029/2006JA011949; pubdate=1 December 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI/IMF

  6. Title=Relationship between the high-latitude electric and magnetic turbulence and the Birkeland field-aligned currents
    Authors=Golovchanskaya, I. V., A. A. Ostapenko, and B. V. Kozelov
    article=A12301; doi=10.1029/2006JA011835; pubdate=1 December 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  7. Title=Geomagnetic activity dependence of the inner magnetospheric proton distribution: An empirical approach for the 2125 April 2001 storm
    Authors=Milillo, A., S. Orsini, S. Massetti, and A. Mura
    article=A11S13; doi=10.1029/2006JA011956; pubdate=30 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  8. Title=Contribution of charge exchange loss to the storm time ring current decay: IMAGE/HENA observations
    Authors=Keika, K., M. Nosé, P. C. Brandt, S. Ohtani, D. G. Mitchell, and E. C. Roelof
    article=A11S12; doi=10.1029/2006JA011789; pubdate=23 November 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI2

  9. Title=Characteristics of high-latitude vertical plasma flow from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
    Authors=Coley, W. R., R. A. Heelis, and M. R. Hairston
    article=A11314; doi=10.1029/2005JA011553; pubdate=15 November 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC, SPDF

  10. Title=Constraints on the global structure of magnetic clouds: Transverse size and curvature
    Authors=Liu, Y., J. D. Richardson, J. W. Belcher, C. Wang, Q. Hu, and J. C. Kasper
    article=A12S03; doi=10.1029/2006JA011890; pubdate=9 November 2006;
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  11. Title=Analyzing electric field morphology through data-model comparisons of the Geospace Environment Modeling Inner Magnetosphere/Storm Assessment Challenge events
    Authors=Liemohn, M. W., A. J. Ridley, J. U. Kozyra, D. L. Gallagher, M. F. Thomsen, M. G. Henderson, M. H. Denton, P. C. Brandt, and J. Goldstein
    article=A11S11; doi=10.1029/2006JA011700; pubdate=9 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  12. Title=Examine the local linear growth rate of collisional Rayleigh-Taylor instability during solar maximum
    Authors=Lee, C.
    article=A11313; doi=10.1029/2006JA011925; pubdate=9 November 2006
    Keyword found:ModelWeb

  13. Title=Local time distribution of reconnected field lines under northward interplanetary magnetic field conditions
    Authors=Petrinec, S. M., S. A. Fuselier, E. S. Claflin, and K. J. Trattner
    article=A11213; doi=10.1029/2006JA011829; pubdate=9 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  14. Title=Spectral type of auroral precipitating electrons estimated from optical and cosmic noise absorption measurements
    Authors=Tanaka, Y.-M., M. Kubota, M. Ishii, Y. Monzen, Y. Murayama, H. Mori, and D. Lummerzheim
    article=A11207; doi=10.1029/2006JA011744; pubdate=9 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  15. Title=Dynamics of thin current sheets associated with magnetotail reconnection
    Authors=Nakamura, R., W. Baumjohann, Y. Asano, A. Runov, A. Balogh, C. J. Owen, A. N. Fazakerley, M. Fujimoto, B. Klecker, and H. Rème
    article=A11206; doi=10.1029/2006JA011706; pubdate=8 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  16. Title=Timescales of relativistic electron enhancements in the slot region
    Authors=Nagai, T., A. S. Yukimatu, A. Matsuoka, K. T. Asai, J. C. Green, T. G. Onsager, and H. J. Singer
    article=A11205; doi=10.1029/2006JA011837; pubdate=1 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  17. Title=Kinetic simulations of ring current evolution during the Geospace Environment Modeling challenge events
    Authors=Jordanova, V. K., Y. S. Miyoshi, S. Zaharia, M. F. Thomsen, G. D. Reeves, D. S. Evans, C. G. Mouikis, and J. F. Fennell
    article=A11S10; doi=10.1029/2006JA011644; pubdate=26 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  18. Title=Success rate of predicting the heliospheric magnetic field polarity with Michelson Doppler Imager (MDI) synoptic charts
    Authors=Zhao, X. P., J. T. Hoeksema, Y. Liu, and P. H. Scherrer
    article=A10108; doi=10.1029/2005JA011576; pubdate=25 October 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  19. Title=Relationship between Region 2 field-aligned current and the ring current: Model results
    Authors=Zheng, Y., A. T. Y. Lui, M.-C. Fok, B. J. Anderson, P. C. Brandt, T. J. Immel, and D. G. Mitchell
    article=A11S06 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011603 ; pubdate=19 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb Sample usage=ACE data were obtained from CDAWEB and Dst index was provided

  20. Title=Effect of IMF By on thermospheric composition at high and middle latitudes: 2. Data comparisons
    Authors=Immel, T. J., G. Crowley, C. L. Hackert, J. D. Craven, and R. G. Roble
    article=A10312 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011372 ; pubdate=19 October 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  21. Title=Effects of the equatorward auroral boundary location and solar wind parameters on Pc5 activity at auroral zone stations: A multiple regression analysis
    Authors=Simms, L. E., M. J. Engebretson, J. L. Posch, and W. J. Hughes
    article=A10217 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011587 ; pubdate=19 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  22. Title=Statistical study of effect of solar wind dynamic pressure enhancements on dawn-to-dusk ring current asymmetry
    Authors=Shi, Y., E. Zesta, L. R. Lyons, K. Yumoto, and K. Kitamura
    article=A10216 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011532 ; pubdate=19 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  23. Title=Solar wind polytropic index estimates based on single spacecraft plasma and interplanetary magnetic field measurements
    Authors=Kartalev, M., M. Dryer, K. Grigorov, and E. Stoimenova
    article=A10107 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011760 ; pubdate=19 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  24. Title=Magnetospheric energy budget during huge geomagnetic activity using Cluster and ground-based data
    Authors=Rosenqvist, L., S. Buchert, H. Opgenoorth, A. Vaivads, and G. Lu
    article=A10211 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011608 ; pubdate=12 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  25. Title=Evolution of the proton ring current energy distribution during 2125 April 2001 storm
    Authors=Ganushkina, N. Y., T. I. Pulkkinen, A. Milillo, and M. Liemohn
    article=A11S08 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011609 ; pubdate=11 October 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, NSSDC

  26. Title=Coronal mass ejections and magnetic flux buildup in the heliosphere
    Authors=Owens, M. J., and N. U. Crooker
    article=A10104 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011641 ; pubdate=11 October 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  27. Title=Energetic nitrogen ions within the inner magnetosphere of Saturn
    Authors=Sittler, E. C., R. E. Johnson, H. T. Smith, J. D. Richardson, S. Jurac, M. Moore, J. F. Cooper, B. H. Mauk, M. Michael, C. Paranicas, T. P. Armstrong, and B. Tsurutani
    article=A09223 ; doi=10.1029/2004JA010509 ; pubdate=29 September 2006
    Keyword found:SSDOO

  28. Title=Quantification and hemispheric asymmetry of low-latitude geomagnetic disturbances caused by solar wind pressure enhancements
    Authors=Huang, C., and K. Yumoto
    article=A09316 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011831 ; pubdate=28 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  29. Title=Observations and modeling of energetic electron dynamics during the October 2001 storm
    Authors=Miyoshi, Y. S., V. K. Jordanova, A. Morioka, M. F. Thomsen, G. D. Reeves, D. S. Evans, and J. C. Green
    article=A11S02 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011351 ; pubdate=21 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, NSSDC

  30. Title=On the interplanetary magnetic field By control of substorm bulge expansion
    Authors=Liou, K., C. Meng, and C. Wu
    article=A09312 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011556 ; pubdate=21 September 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  31. Title=Comment on -Y´The IDV index: Its derivation and use in inferring long-term variations of the interplanetary magnetic field strength¡ by Leif Svalgaard and Edward W. Cliver
    Authors=Lockwood, M., A. P. Rouillard, I. Finch, and R. Stamper
    article=A09109 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011640 ; pubdate=21 September 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  32. Title=Plasma depletion and mirror waves ahead of interplanetary coronal mass ejections
    Authors=Liu, Y., J. D. Richardson, J. W. Belcher, J. C. Kasper, and R. M. Skoug
    article=A09108 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011723 ; pubdate=21 September 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  33. Title=Magnetosphere preconditioning under northward IMF: Evidence from the study of coronal mass ejection and corotating interaction region geoeffectiveness
    Authors=Lavraud, B., M. F. Thomsen, J. E. Borovsky, M. H. Denton, and T. I. Pulkkinen
    article=A09208 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011566 ; pubdate=16 September 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF

  34. Title=A new shock fitting procedure for the MHD Rankine-Hugoniot relations for the case of small He2+ slippage
    Authors=Lin, C. C., J. K. Chao, L. C. Lee, L. H. Lyu, and D. J. Wu
    article=A09104 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011449 ; pubdate=16 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  35. Title=Cusp latitude and the optimal solar wind coupling function
    Authors=Newell, P. T., T. Sotirelis, K. Liou, C.-I. Meng, and F. J. Rich
    article=A09207 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011731 ; pubdate=15 September 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  36. Title=Single-spacecraft detection of rolled-up Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices at the flank magnetopause
    Authors=Hasegawa, H., M. Fujimoto, K. Takagi, Y. Saito, T. Mukai, and H. Rème
    article=A09203 ; doi=10.1029/2006JA011728 ; pubdate=9 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  37. Title=Diurnal, semiannual, and solar cycle variations of solar windmagnetosphereionosphere coupling
    Authors=Nagatsuma, T.
    article=A09202 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011122 ; pubdate=6 September 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  38. Title=High-level spacecraft charging in eclipse at geosynchronous altitudes: A statistical study
    Authors=Lai, S. T., and M. Tautz
    article=A09201 ; doi=10.1029/2004JA010733 ; pubdate=1 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  39. Title=Computing magnetospheric mass density from field line resonances in a realistic magnetic field geometry
    Authors=Berube, D., M. B. Moldwin, and M. Ahn
    article=A08206 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011450 ; pubdate=24 August 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, SPDF

  40. Title=Radial decay law for large-scale velocity and magnetic field fluctuations in the solar wind
    Authors=Podesta, J. J.
    article=A08103 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011528 ; pubdate=15 August 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  41. Title=An unusual nightside distortion of the auroral oval: TIMED/GUVI and IMAGE/FUV observations
    Authors=Zhang, Y., L. J. Paxton, and A. T. Y. Lui
    article=A08203 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011217 ; pubdate=4 August 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  42. Title=Differences between CME-driven storms and CIR-driven storms
    Authors=Borovsky, J. E., and M. H. Denton
    article=A07S08 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011447 ; pubdate=26 July 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  43. Title=A statistical comparison of hot-ion properties at geosynchronous orbit during intense and moderate geomagnetic storms at solar maximum and minimum
    Authors=Zhang, J., M. W. Liemohn, M. F. Thomsen, J. U. Kozyra, M. H. Denton, and J. E. Borovsky
    article=A07206 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011559 ; pubdate=26 July 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  44. Title=Parallel electron streaming in the high-latitude E region and its effect on the incoherent scatter spectrum
    Authors=Bahcivan, H., R. B. Cosgrove, and R. T. Tsunoda
    article=A07306 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011595 ; pubdate=15 July 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  45. Title=A hybrid heliospheric modeling system: Background solar wind
    Authors=Detman, T., Z. Smith, M. Dryer, C. D. Fry, C. N. Arge, and V. Pizzo
    article=A07102 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011430 ; pubdate=13 July 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  46. Title=Empirical specification of field-aligned plasma density profiles for plasmasphere refilling
    Authors=Tu, J., P. Song, B. W. Reinisch, J. L. Green, and X. Huang
    article=A06216 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011582 ; pubdate=29 June 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  47. Title=Interplanetary magnetic field polarities derived from measurements of the northern and southern polar geomagnetic field
    Authors=Berti, R., M. Laurenza, G. Moreno, and M. Storini
    article=A06109 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011325 ; pubdate=29 June 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  48. Title=The 1722 October (1999) solar-interplanetary-geomagnetic event: Very intense geomagnetic storm associated with a pressure balance between interplanetary coronal mass ejection and a high-speed stream
    Authors=Dal Lago, A., W. D. Gonzalez, L. A. Balmaceda, L. E. A. Vieira, E. Echer, F. L. Guarnieri, J. Santos, M. R. da Silva, A. de Lucas, A. L. Clua de Gonzalez, R. Schwenn, and N. J. Schuch
    article=A07S14 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011394 ; pubdate=22 June 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  49. Title=Substorms during the 1011 August 2000 sawtooth event
    Authors=Henderson, M. G., R. Skoug, E. Donovan, M. F. Thomsen, G. D. Reeves, M. H. Denton, H. J. Singer, R. L. McPherron, S. B. Mende, T. J. Immel, J. B. Sigwarth, and L. A. Frank
    article=A06206 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011366 ; pubdate=14 June 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  50. Title=Energetic outer zone electron loss timescales during low geomagnetic activity
    Authors=Meredith, N. P., R. B. Horne, S. A. Glauert, R. M. Thorne, D. Summers, J. M. Albert, and R. R. Anderson
    article=A05212 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011516 ; pubdate=27 May 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  51. Title=Evidence for newly closed magnetosheath field lines at the dayside magnetopause under northward IMF
    Authors=Lavraud, B., M. F. Thomsen, B. Lefebvre, S. J. Schwartz, K. Seki, T. D. Phan, Y. L. Wang, A. Fazakerley, H. Rème, and A. Balogh
    article=A05211 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011266 ; pubdate=26 May 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  52. Title=Coronal mass ejection geoeffectiveness depending on field orientation and interplanetary coronal mass ejection classification
    Authors=Kang, S., Y.-J. Moon, K.-S. Cho, Y. Kim, Y. D. Park, J. Baek, and H. Chang
    article=A05102 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011445 ; pubdate=26 May 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  53. Title=Magnetospheric transmission function approach to disentangle primary from secondary cosmic ray fluxes in the penumbra region
    Authors=Bobik, P., G. Boella, M. J. Boschini, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, K. Kudela, S. Pensotti, and P. G. Rancoita
    article=A05205 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011235 ; pubdate=18 May 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC, IGRF

  54. Title=Geoeffectiveness of corotating interaction regions as measured by Dst index
    Authors=Alves, M. V., E. Echer, and W. D. Gonzalez
    article=A07S05 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011379 ; pubdate=12 May 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  55. Title=Rotationally driven quasi-periodic radio emissions in the Jovian magnetosphere
    Authors=Morioka, A., H. Nozawa, H. Misawa, F. Tsuchiya, Y. Miyoshi, T. Kimura, and W. Kurth
    article=A04223 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011563 ; pubdate=29 April 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC, COHO

  56. Title=Dynamic geomagnetic rigidity cutoff variations during a solar proton event
    Authors=Rodger, C. J., M. A. Clilverd, P. T. Verronen, T. Ulich, M. J. Jarvis, and E. Turunen
    article=A04222 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011395 ; pubdate=29 April 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  57. Title=Radial diffusion of relativistic electrons into the radiation belt slot region during the 2003 Halloween geomagnetic storms
    Authors=Loto'aniu, T. M., I. R. Mann, L. G. Ozeke, A. A. Chan, Z. C. Dent, and D. K. Milling
    article=A04218 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011355 ; pubdate=27 April 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  58. Title=Power line harmonic radiation (PLHR) observed by the DEMETER spacecraft
    Authors=Němec, F., O. Santolík, M. Parrot, and J. J. Berthelier
    article=A04308 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011480 ; pubdate=22 April 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDCFTP

  59. Title=Unusually quick development of a 4000 nT substorm during the initial 10 min of the 29 October 2003 magnetic storm
    Authors=Yamauchi, M., T. Iyemori, H. Frey, and M. Henderson
    article=A04217 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011285 ; pubdate=22 April 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, ModelWeb

  60. Title=Equatorial distributions of the plasma sheet ions, their electric and magnetic drifts, and magnetic fields under different interplanetary magnetic field Bz conditions
    Authors=Wang, C., L. R. Lyons, J. M. Weygand, T. Nagai, and R. W. McEntire
    article=A04215 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011545 ; pubdate=21 April 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  61. Title=Distribution of density along magnetospheric field lines
    Authors=Denton, R. E., K. Takahashi, I. A. Galkin, P. A. Nsumei, X. Huang, B. W. Reinisch, R. R. Anderson, M. K. Sleeper, and W. J. Hughes
    article=A04213 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011414 ; pubdate=21 April 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  62. Title=Modeling and prediction of the magnetospheric dynamics during intense geospace storms
    Authors=Chen, J., and A. S. Sharma
    article=A04209 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011359 ; pubdate=14 April 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  63. Title=Eastward electrojet in the morning sector
    Authors=Rostoker, G., F. Fenrich, and R. Lerner
    article=A03307 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011520 ; pubdate=28 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  64. Title=Dayside and nightside reconnection rates inferred from IMAGE FUV and Super Dual Auroral Radar Network data
    Authors=Hubert, B., S. E. Milan, A. Grocott, C. Blockx, S. W. H. Cowley, and J.-C. Gérard
    article=A03217 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011140 ; pubdate=28 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  65. Title=Physics-based tests to identify the accuracy of solar wind ion measurements: A case study with the Wind Faraday Cups
    Authors=Kasper, J. C., A. J. Lazarus, J. T. Steinberg, K. W. Ogilvie, and A. Szabo
    article=A03105 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011442 ; pubdate=24 March 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  66. Title=Magnetospheric convection and thermal ions in the dayside outer magnetosphere
    Authors=Chen, S.-H., and T. E. Moore
    article=A03215 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011084 ; pubdate=18 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  67. Title=Pulsations of the auroral kilometric radiation
    Authors=Hanasz, J., H. de Feraudy, R. Schreiber, and M. Panchenko
    article=A03209 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011302 ; pubdate=10 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  68. Title=Origin of geosynchronous relativistic electron events
    Authors=Kim, H.-J., K. C. Kim, D.-Y. Lee, and G. Rostoker
    article=A03208 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011469 ; pubdate=10 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  69. Title=A new non-pressure-balanced structure in interplanetary space: Boundary layers of magnetic clouds
    Authors=Wei, F., X. Feng, F. Yang, and D. Zhong
    article=A03102 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011272 ; pubdate=10 March 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  70. Title=Plasmaspheric depletion, refilling, and plasmapause dynamics: A coordinated ground-based and IMAGE satellite study
    Authors=Dent, Z. C., I. R. Mann, J. Goldstein, F. W. Menk, and L. G. Ozeke
    article=A03205 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011046 ; pubdate=3 March 2006
    Keyword found:SSCWeb

  71. Title=Phase space density analysis of the outer radiation belt energetic electron dynamics
    Authors=Iles, R. H. A., N. P. Meredith, A. N. Fazakerley, and R. B. Horne
    article=A03204 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011206 ; pubdate=3 March 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  72. Title=Unusual topside ionospheric density response to the November 2003 superstorm
    Authors=Yizengaw, E., M. B. Moldwin, A. Komjathy, and A. J. Mannucci
    article=A02308 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011433 ; pubdate=17 February 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  73. Title=High-resolution global storm index: Dst versus SYM-H
    Authors=Wanliss, J. A., and K. M. Showalter
    article=A02202 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011034 ; pubdate=17 February 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  74. Title=Geomagnetic conjugate observations of large-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances using GPS networks in Japan and Australia
    Authors=Tsugawa, T., K. Shiokawa, Y. Otsuka, T. Ogawa, A. Saito, and M. Nishioka
    article=A02302 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011300 ; pubdate=3 February 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  75. Title=Transonic neutral wind in the thermosphere observed by the DE 2 satellite
    Authors=Balthazor, R. L., and G. J. Bailey
    article=A01301 ; doi=10.1029/2004JA010622 ; pubdate=21 January 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  76. Title=Galactic cosmic ray modulation during the last five solar cycles
    Authors=Sabbah, I., and M. Rybanský
    article=A01105 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011044 ; pubdate=13 January 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  77. Title=A statistical comparison of solar wind sources of moderate and intense geomagnetic storms at solar minimum and maximum
    Authors=Zhang, J., M. W. Liemohn, J. U. Kozyra, M. F. Thomsen, H. A. Elliott, and J. M. Weygand
    article=A01104 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011065 ; pubdate=13 January 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  78. Title=Long-lived geomagnetic storms and coronal mass ejections
    Authors=Xie, H., N. Gopalswamy, P. K. Manoharan, A. Lara, S. Yashiro, and S. Lepri
    article=A01103 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011287 ; pubdate=13 January 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  79. Title=Mass density inferred from toroidal wave frequencies and its comparison to electron density
    Authors=Takahashi, K., R. E. Denton, R. R. Anderson, and W. J. Hughes
    article=A01201 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011286 ; pubdate=10 January 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  80. Title=Thermodynamic structure of collision-dominated expanding plasma: Heating of interplanetary coronal mass ejections
    Authors=Liu, Y., J. D. Richardson, J. W. Belcher, J. C. Kasper, and H. A. Elliott
    article=A01102 ; doi=10.1029/2005JA011329 ; pubdate=10 January 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC
Science Enabled Research Papers in GRL for 2006 (15 out of 609 papers)

  1. Title=Timescale for the formation of the cold-dense plasma sheet: A case study
    Authors=Wing, S., J. R. Johnson, and M. Fujimoto
    article=L23106 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL027110 ; pubdate=9 December 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  2. Title=Reduction in the westward auroral electrojet by a southward turning of the interplanetary magnetic field: A new interpretation
    Authors=Shue, J.-H., and Y. Kamide
    article=L22105 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL028091 ; pubdate=29 November 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  3. Title=Solar induced variations of odd nitrogen: Multiple regression analysis of UARS HALOE data
    Authors=Hood, L. L., and B. E. Soukharev
    article=L22805 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL028122 ; pubdate=21 November 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb

  4. Title=Convection electric field in the near-Earth tail during the super magnetic storm of November 20â€-YŽ21, 2003
    Authors=Hori, T., A. T. Y. Lui, S. Ohtani, P. C. Brandt, B. H. Mauk, R. W. McEntire, K. Maezawa, T. Mukai, Y. Kasaba, and H. Hayakawa
    article=L21107 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL027024 ; pubdate=10 November 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  5. Title=Scaling of electric field fluctuations associated with the aurora during northward IMF
    Authors=Kozelov, B. V., and I. V. Golovchanskaya
    article=L20109 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL027798 ; pubdate=26 October 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI

  6. Title=MHD simulation of two successive interplanetary disturbances driven by cone-model parameters in IPS-based solar wind
    Authors=Hayashi, K., X. P. Zhao, and Y. Liu
    article=L20103 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL027408 ; pubdate=20 October 2006
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  7. Title=Role of non-adiabatic processes in the creation of the outer radiation belts
    Authors=Fox, N. J., B. H. Mauk, and J. B. Blake
    article=L18108 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL026598 ; pubdate=27 September 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  8. Title=Solar control of pre-termination shock energetic particle variations observed at Voyager 1
    Authors=Mosley, C. J., and T. P. Armstrong
    article=L18102 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL026732 ; pubdate=19 September 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  9. Title=Ionospheric signatures of a plasmaspheric plume over Europe
    Authors=Yizengaw, E., M. B. Moldwin, and D. A. Galvan
    article=L17103 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL026597 ; pubdate=14 September 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  10. Title=Response of the mid-altitude cusp to rapid rotations of the IMF
    Authors=Pitout, F., C. P. Escoubet, Y. V. Bogdanova, E. Georgescu, A. N. Fazakerley, and H. Rème
    article=L11107 ; doi=10.1029/2005GL025460 ; pubdate=10 June 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  11. Title=Compression of the Earth's magnetotail by interplanetary shocks directly drives transient magnetic flux closure
    Authors=Hubert, B., M. Palmroth, T. V. Laitinen, P. Janhunen, S. E. Milan, A. Grocott, S. W. H. Cowley, T. Pulkkinen, and J.-C. Gérard
    article=L10105 ; doi=10.1029/2006GL026008 ; pubdate=31 May 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  12. Title=Rocket and incoherent scatter radar common-volume electron measurements of the equatorial lower ionosphere
    Authors=Friedrich, M., K. M. Torkar, G. A. Lehmacher, C. L. Croskey, J. D. Mitchell, E. Kudeki, and M. Milla
    article=L08807 ; doi=10.1029/2005GL024622 ; pubdate=28 April 2006
    Keyword found:ModelWeb, IRI

  13. Title=Long dance of the bashful ballerina
    Authors=Hiltula, T., and K. Mursula
    article=L03105 ; doi=10.1029/2005GL025198 ; pubdate=9 February 2006
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  14. Title=Neutral atom emission in the direction of the high-latitude magnetopause for northward IMF: Simultaneous observations from IMAGE spacecraft and SuperDARN radar
    Authors=Taguchi, S., K. Hosokawa, A. Nakao, M. R. Collier, T. E. Moore, A. Yamazaki, N. Sato, and A. S. Yukimatu
    article=L03101 ; doi=10.1029/2005GL025020 ; pubdate=2 February 2006
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  15. Title=A case study of relationship between substorm expansion and global plasma convection
    Authors=Liou, K., and J. M. Ruohoniemi
    article=L02105 ; doi=10.1029/2005GL024736 ; pubdate=25 January 2006
    Keyword found:CDAWeb
Science Enabled Research Papers in RS for 2006 (No keyword references were found in these papers)

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