Data Products of the IMP-8 GME


Energetic particle data from the IMP-8 Goddard Medium Energy Experiment (GME) are becoming available in a variety of additional formats (both graphical and digital). The following page lists:

Users should ALWAYS look at the usage notes before making use of this data in any form, as well as the general instrument description writeup for the GME. Users are reminded that ALL instrument data of this nature should be treated with some caution, particularly higher-resolution products where detailed scanning/editing is often not possible for all data, and the usage notes represent a best effort (and probably continuously evolving) set of information on how to use this data.

Additional data products are possible and expected shortly (e.g. VLET fluxes, sectored rates) to more completely capture the GME data output.

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Contact Information

Questions about GME data and/or instrumentation should be directed to the NASA Principal Investigator:

Dr. Robert E. McGuire (at
Head, Space Physics Data Facility
Code 672
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt MD 20771 USA
Phone (with phonemail): 301-286-7794

Authors/Authorizing NASA Official and Curator

Dr. Robert McGuire (see above)

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