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Instructions for the 1st start:

- Please make sure that you have Java version 1.5 or later on your platform installed.

- Sample file for a quick test (Import via "Import Data Textfile"): Sample4Variables.txt

- Windows specific:

+The Java installation on Windows machines doesn't support the soundbank file by default. Please download the soundbank file and copy it into the following directory: <java-install-dir>/jre/lib/audio (e.g. C:\Programs\Java\jre1.5.0_02\lib\audio)

Click here to start the application (based on Java WebStart Technology):

Start xSonify

The application is supported as either a Java Web Start application or as a traditional Java desktop application on a wide range of platforms.

Automated Use (Recommended Option)

This section utilizes advanced browser features on Microsoft Windows platforms to provide the most convenient method of accessing the application. On Microsoft Windows platforms, it will automatically attempt to determine if you have the required prerequiste software and then offers either a link to launch the application or a link to install the required software. Recent versions of other platforms (e.g., Mac OS X 10.4 and Solaris 10) have the prerequiste software included. Linux users and users of other platforms must ensure that they have the necessary prerequiste software installed and configured correctly.

Manual Launch (Alternative Option)

Below is a simple HTML hyper-link (no JavaScript, ActiveX, or VBScript involved) that should launch, or begin to launch, this application from most browsers/platforms/configurations which have the prerequisite Java software.

Depending upon the version of Java that you have installed and your browser's design and configuration, the link above will result in one of the following happening:

  • The link will launch Java Web Start which will then download and start xSonify. You may now proceed to using the application.
  • The link will download the JNLP file and then your browser indicates that it doesn't know what to do with a file of MIME type application/x-java-jnlp-file. You must now perform one of the following:
    • Install the prerequisite Java software, or
    • Configure your browser so JNLP files are automatically opened by Java Web Start, or
    • Save the file to your local disk and manually open the file with the Java Web Start application.
  • The link downloads and saves the JNLP file to your local disk but nothing further happens. You must now locate the downloaded JNLP file and manually open it with the Java Web Start application. If you don't have Java Web Start installed, you must install the Java sofware first.

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