Voyager-1 Counting Rates (15-minute average)

The links below point to pages containing 15-minute averages of all CRS counting rates. The content page consists of a header followed by data.

First line identifies the spacecraft; VOYAGER-1
Line 2 contains the time of the first 15-minuteinterval in ISO 8601 format
Line 3 contains the time of the last 15-minuteinterval in ISO 8601 format
Line 4 contains the count of quantities (n)
Lines 5 to (4+n) identify the quantities. Each of these lines begins with a number that specifies the position of the quantity in the data lines that follow.

Data lines start with ISO 8601 formatted time string that defines the start of the 15-minute interval. Time string is followed by n entries, each of which consists of a pair of numbers. First of these is the value of the quantity and the second represents the statistical uncertainty. A missing measurement is represented by an entry where value is zero and the uncertainty equals -1. If, for lack of coverage, no data was available for an interval, then there is no line for that interval.

The measurement unit for all rates is: COUNTS / SECOND