URAP Data Explanation

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Image of dynamic spectrum of URAP data for day 1991-02-03.
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The plot shown is a dynamic spectrum from the URAP Radio Astronomy Receiver (RAR) for one day of data. The date of this data is shown at the top in a year,month,day format (i.e. 910203 corresponds to February 3, 1991). Frequency is plotted along the vertical axis and time along the horizontal axis. The frequency scale ranges from about 1 to 1000 kHz, and time (UT) is shown in hours of the day. Electric field wave intensity is shown in color, with more intense features shown in more prominent colors. Individual features may be clicked on to obtain further information about the physical phenomena causing them.
Type 3 radio wave. Type 3 radio wave. Type 3 radio wave Shock wave passing the spacecraft. Quasi-thermal noise. Quasi-thermal noise. Ion acoustic wave.

Features:     Type III radio burst    Shock wave    Quasi-thermal noise    Ion acoustic wave