crossword puzzle

        4. ___________ waves can also behave as particles (photons).
        7. Data collected from the surrounding of the STEREO spacecraft.
        8. Very bright and hot explosions from the Sun's corona.
        9. Electromagnetic wave with the longest wavelength and lowest frequency of the  	 electromagnetic spectrum.
        10. The S/WAVES instrument has the capacity of measuring radio waves 
	intensity in a _________ range from 10KHz to 50MHz.
        1. State of matter composed of ionized gas.
        2. Huge release of plasma that reach a size greater than the Sun.
        3. The continuous discharge of protons, electrons and other ions from the Sun 		 that  extends through the entire solar system is known as the solar 				___________.
        4. During a solar flare event, intense radio emissions are produced by the 
	   acceleration of ____________.
        5. S/WAVES use this process to determine the location of radio waves emitted 		by CMEs and solar flares.
        6. The process in which atoms combine with each other releasing particles and 		    tremendous amounts of energy.