Solar Radio Astronomy

Solar radio bursts observed by spacecraft missions are typically type II bursts (produced by shock accelerated electrons), type III bursts (produced by flare accelerated eletrons), and occasionally, type IV bursts (produced by trapped electrons). They provide remote indications of electron instabilities in the corona and inner heliosphere, relevant for understanding physical proceeses and also for predicting space weather. This website is intended to gather together radio data from missions involving NASA to provide "synergy". An example is the Waves-S/WAVES combined dynamic spectra, which may be investigated from this link. Aspects of the web site are still being developed. Please provide comments to the NASA official or website curator listed below.

As of April 2019, the FTP data site will be closed. The data files can be accessed by selecting the Radio Data Files link on the left. The link takes you to, where the ISEE-3, Ulysses/URAP, STEREO/WAVES, and Wind/Waves data files are located. You can also use "curl" or similar tools to download the data from the data site.

The links to "Solar radio burst imaging concepts" includes the early 2000 Solar Imaging Radio Array mission concept and recent CubeSat mission concepts.