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0.5-Second Electron Spectra at 0.1-2 MeV from the CRRES MEA Magnetic Spectrometer


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Availability: Data at NSSDC Ready for Distribution
Time Span: 1990-07-27 to 1991-10-11 (as determined by NSSDC)


This data set from the CRRES Magnetic Electron Spectrometer (MEA) consists of counting rates from 17 energy channels in the range of 0.1-2 MeV at 0.512 second time intervals. A background channel provides corrections for internal electron scattering and for higher energy particles penetrating through shielding. Also included are pitch angle derived from CRRES magnetometer data, spacecraft geographic coordinates and altitude, L shell, and the local and equatorial magnetic field magnitudes from a model of the earth's geomagnetic field. Pitch angle information is not available until about CRRES orbit 50, when the magnetometer was first deployed, and the spacecraft spin rate was faster until then. The data files are in binary INTEL 32-bit floating point format. Document files in ascii format describe the data set contents, data format, background corrections, chemical releases during the CRRES mission including orbital parameters, MEA geometric factors and energy channels, description of the MEA instrument, and survey of MEA data coverage for all CRRES orbits. FORTRAN source and executable code are provided to produce ASCII listings of selected parameters from the binary data files for easy input to spreadsheet and plotting programs. This code permits averaging of samples, selection of limited pitch angles, error-correction, basic background correction, conversion from counts to flux, and extraction of numerous ephemeris parameters.

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    CRRES: Medium Electron Sensor 


    Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies

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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (National Space Science Data Center)

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    11 CD-Write Once

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