Edurance 2022 Readme

Edurance 2022 Data

NASA's Endurance sounding rocket (yard No. 47.001) was launched on May 10th, 2022 from the small town of Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, Norway. It measures Earth’s global electric potential, or how much Earth’s electric field “tugs” at electrically charged particles in our air. This electric potential is expected to be very weak, making it difficult to measure. This mission carries six science instruments (with 16 sensors) and provides the first of such measurements during its about 15-min flight.

Press releases:

A mission paper in Space Science Reviews:

The subdirectories of Endurance data at the SPDF archive:

      ephem (contain an ephemeris CDF file made from the original ascii files)
      more dataset directories to come
      Any mission level documents provided by the data provider (Dr. Glyn Collinson)
      ephem (contain the original ASCII ephemeris files and documentation)
      more dataset directories to come

See CDAWeb for plots and listings of Endurance CDF data in the group of Sounding Rockets, with other access methods.

Data contact: Lan Jian