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Acknowledgments for Space Physics related disciplines were search for in the following AGU journals/letters/papers; Space Weather Journal, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters. The keywords searched and the number of occurrences, for all three sources where:

OMNI was referenced in 85 papers
COHOWeb was referenced in 4 papers
SPDF was referenced in 23 papers
Space Physics Data Facility was referenced in   12 papers
SSDOO was referenced in 0 papers
ModelWeb was referenced in 8 papers
CDAWeb was referenced in 77 papers
FTPBrowser was referenced in 0 papers
SSCWeb was referenced in 6 papers
NSSDC was referenced in 29 papers
ATMOWeb was referenced in 0 papers
OMNIWeb was referenced in 55 papers
OMNI2 was referenced in 13 papers
NSSDCFTP was referenced in 5 papers
HelioWeb was referenced in 0 papers

Science Enabled Research Papers in SW for 2010 (5 out of 36 papers)

  1. Title=Coordinated UV imaging of equatorial plasma bubbles using TIMED/GUVI and DMSP/SSUSI
    Authors=Joseph Comberiate and Larry J. Paxton
    article=2009SW000546; doi=10.1029/2009SW000546; pubdate=13 October 2010
    Keyword found:SSCWeb, ModelWeb
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility
  2. Title=A neural network-based geosynchronous relativistic electron flux forecasting model
    Authors=A. G. Ling, G. P. Ginet, R. V. Hilmer and K. L. Perry
    article=2010SW000576; doi=10.1029/2010SW000576; pubdate=23 September 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility

  3. Title=Why are relativistic electrons persistently quiet at geosynchronous orbit in 2009?
    Authors=Ryuho Kataoka and Yoshizumi Miyoshi
    article=2010SW000571; doi=10.1029/2010SW000571; pubdate=26 August 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI2, NSSDC

  4. Title=Solar wind propagation delay: "Comment on Minimum variance analysis-based propagation of the solar wind observations: Application to real-time global magnetohydrodynamic simulations" by A. Pulkinen and L. Rastatter
    Authors=S. Haaland, C. Munteanu and B. Mailyan
    article=2009SW000542; doi=10.1029/2009SW000542; pubdate=19 June 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI
  5. Title=Movie-maps of low-latitude magnetic storm disturbance
    Authors=Jeffrey J. Love and Jennifer L. Gannon
    article=2009SW000518; doi=10.1029/2009SW000518; pubdate=05 June 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNIWeb

Science Enabled Research Papers in JGR for 2010 (160 out of 766 papers)

  1. Title=Periodic solar wind forcing due to recurrent coronal holes during 1996-2009 and its impact on Earth's geomagnetic and ionospheric properties during the extreme solar minimum
    Authors=Tulasi Ram, S., C. H. Liu, and S.-Y. Su
    article=A12340; doi=10.1029/2010JA015800; pubdate=31 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, NSSDC

  2. Title=H+ and O+ content of the plasma sheet at 1519 Re as a function of geomagnetic and solar activity
    Authors=Mouikis, C. G., L. M. Kistler, Y. H. Liu, B. Klecker, A. Korth, and I. Dandouras
    article=A00J16; doi=10.1029/2010JA015978; pubdate=31 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, SPDF

  3. Title=On the relationship between thermosphere density and solar wind parameters during intense geomagnetic storms
    Authors=Guo, J., X. Feng, J. M. Forbes, J. Lei, J. Zhang, and C. Tan
    article=A12335; doi=10.1029/2010JA015971; pubdate=30 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility

  4. Title=Long-lasting goodshielding at the equatorial ionosphere
    Authors=Wei, Y., Z. Pu, M. Hong, Q. Zong, J. Liu, J. Guo, A. Ridley, and W. Wan
    article=A12256; doi=10.1029/2010JA015786; pubdate=30 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  5. Title=Statistical study of O<sup>+</sup>  transport from the cusp to the lobes with Cluster CODIF data
    Authors=Liao, J., L. M. Kistler, C. G. Mouikis, B. Klecker, I. Dandouras, and J.-C. Zhang
    article=A00J15, doi=10.1029/2010JA015613, pubdate=30 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, SPDF

  6. Title=Dynamic temporal evolution of polar cap tongue of ionization during magnetic storm
    Authors=Hosokawa, K., T. Tsugawa, K. Shiokawa, Y. Otsuka, N. Nishitani, T. Ogawa, and M. R. Hairston
    article=A12333; doi=10.1029/2010JA015848; pubdate=24 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  7. Title=Modeling anomalous cosmic ray oxygen gradients over successive solar cycles
    Authors=Strauss, R. D., and M. S. Potgieter
    article=A12111; doi=10.1029/2010JA015690; pubdate=22 December 2010
    Keyword found:COHOWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  8. Title=A dynamical model of high-latitude convection derived from SuperDARN plasma drift measurements
    Authors=Cousins, E. D. P., and S. G. Shepherd
    article=A12329; doi=10.1029/2010JA016017; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  9. Title=Response of the topside ionosphere to recurrent geomagnetic activity
    Authors=Liu, J., L. Liu, B. Zhao, W. Wan, and R. A. Heelis
    article=A12327; doi=10.1029/2010JA015810; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  10. Title=Triangulating the height of cosmic noise absorption: A method for estimating the characteristic energy of precipitating electrons
    Authors=Wild, P., F. Honary, A. J. Kavanagh, and A. Senior
    article=A12326; doi=10.1029/2010JA015766; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  11. Title=Relativistic electron loss due to ultralow frequency waves and enhanced outward radial diffusion
    Authors=Loto'aniu, T. M., H. J. Singer, C. L. Waters, V. Angelopoulos, I. R. Mann, S. R. Elkington, and J. W. Bonnell
    article=A12245; doi=10.1029/2010JA015755; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, SSCWeb

  12. Title=Elliptical model of cutoff boundaries for the solar energetic particles measured by POES satellites in December 2006
    Authors=Dmitriev, A. V., P. T. Jayachandran, and L.-C. Tsai
    article=A12244; doi=10.1029/2010JA015380; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  13. Title=Unique observations of a geomagnetic SI<sup>+</sup> − SI<sup>−</sup>  pair: Solar sources and associated solar wind fluctuations
    Authors=Rastogi, R. G., P. Janardhan, K. Ahmed, A. C. Das, and S. K. Bisoi
    article=A12110; doi=10.1029/2010JA015708; pubdate=21 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  14. Title=Venus nightside ionospheric holes
    Authors=Hoegy, W. R., and J. M. Grebowsky
    article=A12322; doi=10.1029/2010JA015675; pubdate=18 December 2010
    Keyword found:COHOWeb, Space Physics Data Facility

  15. Title=Inductive electric fields in the inner magnetosphere during geomagnetically active periods
    Authors=Ohtani, S., H. Korth, K. Keika, Y. Zheng, P. C. Brandt, and S. B. Mende
    article=A00I14; doi=10.1029/2010JA015745; pubdate=18 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  16. Title=Comprehensive ground-based and in situ observations of substorm expansion phase onset
    Authors=Walsh, A. P., I. J. Rae, A. N. Fazakerley, K. R. Murphy, I. R. Mann, C. E. J. Watt, M. Volwerk, C. Forsyth, H. J. Singer, E. F. Donovan, and T. L. Zhang
    article=A00I13; doi=10.1029/2010JA015748; pubdate=18 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  17. Title=Mass-dependent evolution of energetic neutral atoms energy spectra during storm time substorms: Implication for O<sup>+</sup> nonadiabatic acceleration
    Authors=Keika, K., P. C. Brandt, S. Ohtani, D. G. Mitchell, K. Min, M. No, T.Obara, H. Koshiishi, and H. Matsumoto
    article=A00I12; doi=10.1029/2010JA015889; pubdate=17 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  18. Title=Multiscale-multifluid simulations of the 26 February 2008 substorm: Evidence for internal triggering of a substorm
    Authors=Harnett, E. M., R. M. Winglee, and T. Lerud
    article=A12238; doi=10.1029/2010JA015672; pubdate=16 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  19. Title=Ring current dynamics in moderate and strong storms: Comparative analysis of TWINS and IMAGE/HENA data with the Comprehensive Ring Current Model
    Authors=Buzulukova, N., M.-C. Fok, J. Goldstein, P. Valek, D. J. McComas, and P. C. Brandt
    article=A12234; doi=10.1029/2010JA015292; pubdate=15 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, SPDF

  20. Title=Long-term neutron monitor observations and the 2009 cosmic ray maximum
    Authors=Moraal, H., and P. H. Stoker
    article=A12109; doi=10.1029/2010JA015413; pubdate=15 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb

  21. Title=Simulation and TWINS observations of the 22 July 2009 storm
    Authors=Fok, M.-C., N. Buzulukova, S.-H. Chen, P. W. Valek, J. Goldstein, and D. J. McComas
    article=A12231; doi=10.1029/2010JA015443; pubdate=14 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  22. Title=Ionospheric convection signatures of the interchange cycle at small interplanetary magnetic field clock angles
    Authors=Watanabe, M., G. J. Sofko, X. Yan, K. A. McWilliams, J.-P. St.-Maurice, A. V. Koustov, G. C. Hussey, and M. R. Hairston
    article=A12230; doi=10.1029/2009JA015041; pubdate=14 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI

  23. Title=Self-consistent inner magnetosphere simulation driven by a global MHD model
    Authors=Zaharia, S., V. K. Jordanova, D. Welling, and G. T???th
    article=A12228; doi=10.1029/2010JA015915; pubdate=11 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF

  24. Title=Magnetospheric feedback in solar wind energy transfer
    Authors=Palmroth, M., H. E. J. Koskinen, T. I. Pulkkinen, P. K. Toivanen, P. Janhunen, S. E. Milan, and M. Lester
    article=A00I10; doi=10.1029/2010JA015746; pubdate=11 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  25. Title=Multiple harmonic ULF waves in the plasma sheet boundary layer observed by Cluster
    Authors=Engebretson, M. J., C. R. G. Kahlstorf, J. L. Posch, A. Keiling, A. P. Walsh, R. E. Denton, M. C. Broughton, C. J. Owen, K.-H. Fornaon, and H. R?????me
    article=A12225; doi=10.1029/2010JA015929; pubdate=10 December 2010
    Keyword found:SSCWeb

  26. Title=Multispacecraft observations of interplanetary shock shapes on the scales of the Earth's magnetosphere
    Authors=Koval, A., and A. Szabo
    article=A12105; doi=10.1029/2010JA015373; pubdate=10 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  27. Title=Electron radiation belts of the solar system
    Authors=Mauk, B. H., and N. J. Fox
    article=A12220; doi=10.1029/2010JA015660; pubdate=9 December 2010
    Keyword found:NSSDC

  28. Title=Polar Ultraviolet Imager observation of auroral breakup
    Authors=Liou, K.
    article=A12219; doi=10.1029/2010JA015578; pubdate=9 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI, NSSDC

  29. Title=Occurrence and properties of substorms associated with pseudobreakups
    Authors=Kullen, A., T. Karlsson, J. A. Cumnock, and T. Sundberg
    article=A12310; doi=10.1029/2010JA015866; pubdate=8 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF

  30. Title=Role of magnetosheath force balance in regulating the dayside reconnection potential
    Authors=Lopez, R. E., R. Bruntz, E. J. Mitchell, M. Wiltberger, J. G. Lyon, and V. G. Merkin
    article=A12216; doi=10.1029/2009JA014597; pubdate=8 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  31. Title=Comparative study of ring current development using empirical, dipolar,and self-consistent magnetic field simulations
    Authors=Jordanova, V. K., S. Zaharia, and D. T. Welling
    article=A00J11; doi=10.1029/2010JA015671; pubdate=8 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  32. Title=Identification of substorm onset location and preonset sequence using Reimei, THEMIS GBO, PFISR, and Geotail
    Authors=Zou, S., M. B. Moldwin, L. R. Lyons, Y. Nishimura, M. Hirahara, T. Sakanoi, K. Asamura, M. J. Nicolls, Y. Miyashita, S. B. Mende, and C. J.Heinselman
    article=A12309; doi=10.1029/2010JA015520; pubdate=7 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb; OMNI; SPDF

  33. Title=Dayside field-aligned current source regions
    Authors=Wing, S., S. Ohtani, P. T. Newell, T. Higuchi, G. Ueno, and J. M. Weygand
    article=A12215; doi=10.1029/2010JA015837; pubdate=7 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, NSSDC

  34. Title=Direct measurements of the Poynting flux associated with convection electric fields in the magnetosphere
    Authors=Nishimura, Y., T. Kikuchi, A. Shinbori, J. Wygant, Y. Tsuji, T. Hori, T. Ono, S. Fujita, and T. Tanaka
    article=A12212; doi=10.1029/2010JA015491; pubdate=4 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  35. Title=On the heating of the outer radiation belt to produce high fluxes of relativistic electrons: Measured heating rates at geosynchronous orbit for high-speed stream-driven storms
    Authors=Borovsky, J. E., and M. H. Denton
    article=A12206; doi=10.1029/2010JA015342; pubdate=4 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI2

  36. Title=One-way coupled OpenGGCM/RCM simulation of the 23 March 2007 substorm event
    Authors=Hu, B., F. R. Toffoletto, R. A. Wolf, S. Sazykin, J. Raeder, D. Larson, and A. Vapirev
    article=A12205; doi=10.1029/2010JA015360; pubdate=4 December 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  37. Title=Modeling the contributions of ring, tail, and magnetopause currents to the corrected<i>Dst</i>  index
    Authors=Asikainen, T., V. Maliniemi, and K. Mursula
    article=A12203; doi=10.1029/2010JA015774; pubdate=4 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, OMNI2

  38. Title=Evolution of the spectrum of solar wind velocity fluctuations from 0.3 to 5 AU
    Authors=Roberts, D. A.
    article=A12101; doi=10.1029/2009JA015120; pubdate=4 December 2010
    Keyword found:COHOWeb, NSSDCFTP, Space Physics Data Facility

  39. Title=Solar wind influence on Pc4 and Pc5 ULF wave activity in the inner magnetosphere<\a>
    Authors=Liu, W., T. E. Sarris, X. Li, R. Ergun, V. Angelopoulos, J. Bonnell and K. H. Glassmeier

    article=A12201; doi=10.1029/2010JA015299; pubdate=2 December 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  40. Title=Pc3 pulsations in the polar cap and at low latitude
    Authors=De Lauretis, M., P. Francia, M. Regi, U. Villante, and A. Piancatelli
    article=A11223; doi=10.1029/2010JA015967; pubdate=25 November 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI
    Sample usage=SW and IMF parameters from OMNI data at 1 min resolution

  41. Title=Vertical thermal O<sup>+</sup>  flows at 850 km in dynamic auroral boundary coordinates
    Authors=Redmon, R. J., W. K. Peterson, L. Andersson, E. A. Kihn, W. F. Denig, M. Hairston, and R. Coley
    article=A00J08; doi=10.1029/2010JA015589; pubdate=24 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  42. Title=Effects of solar wind dynamic pressure on the ionosphericO<sup>+</sup>  fluence during the 31 August 2005 storm
    Authors=Damiano, P. A., O. J. Brambles, W. Lotko, B. Zhang, M. Wiltberger, and J. Lyon
    article=A00J07; doi=10.1029/2010JA015583; pubdate=24 November 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  43. Title=Preonset time sequence of auroral substorms: Coordinated observations by all-sky imagers, satellites, and radars
    Authors=Nishimura, Y., L. R. Lyons, S. Zou, X. Xing, V. Angelopoulos, S. B. Mende, J. W. Bonnell, D. Larson, U. Auster, T. Hori, N. Nishitani, K. Hosokawa, G. Sofko, M. Nicolls, and C. Heinselman
    article=A00I08; doi=10.1029/2010JA015832; pubdate=24 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  44. Title=Enhanced transport across entire length of plasma sheet boundary field lines leading to substorm onset
    Authors=Lyons, L. R., Y. Nishimura, X. Xing, V. Angelopoulos, S. Zou, D. Larson, J. McFadden, A. Runov, S. Mende, and K.-H. Fornacon
    article=A00I07; doi=10.1029/2010JA015831; pubdate=24 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb

  45. Title=Injection region propagation outside of geosynchronous orbit
    Authors=Spanswick, E., G. D. Reeves, E. Donovan, and R. H. W. Friedel
    article=A11214; doi=10.1029/2009JA015066; pubdate=19 November 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, NSSDC

  46. Title=Two-step evolution of auroral acceleration at substorm onset
    Authors=Morioka, A., Y. Miyoshi, Y. Miyashita, Y. Kasaba, H. Misawa, F. Tsuchiya, R. Kataoka, A. Kadokura, T. Mukai, K. Yumoto, D. J. Menietti, G. Parks, K. Liou, F. Honary, and E. Donovan
    article=A11213, doi=10.1029/2010JA015361, pubdate=19 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  47. Title=Evolution of low-altitude and ring current ENA emissions from a moderate magnetospheric storm: Continuous and simultaneous TWINS observations
    Authors=Valek, P., P. C. Brandt, N. Buzulukova, M.-C. Fok, J. Goldstein, D. J. McComas, J. D. Perez, E. Roelof, and R. Skoug
    article=A11209; doi=10.1029/2010JA015429; pubdate=13 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb

  48. Title=Global observations of ring current dynamics during corotating interaction region–driven geomagnetic storms in 2008
    Authors=Grimes, E. W., J. D. Perez, J. Goldstein, D. J. McComas, and P. Valek
    article=A11207; doi=10.1029/2010JA015409; pubdate=12 November 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb; OMNI

  49. Title=Estimation of magnetosphere-ionosphere mapping accuracy using isotropy boundary and THEMIS observations
    Authors=Shevchenko, I. G., V. Sergeev, M. Kubyshkina, V. Angelopoulos, K. H. Glassmeier, and H. J. Singer
    article=A11206; doi=10.1029/2010JA015354; pubdate=12 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  50. Title=Probing the relationship between electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves and plasmaspheric plumes near geosynchronous orbit
    Authors=Posch, J. L., M. J. Engebretson, M. T. Murphy, M. H. Denton, M. R. Lessard, and R. B. Horne
    article=A11205; doi=10.1029/2010JA015446; pubdate=11 November 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI, ModelWeb

  51. Title=COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 observations of equatorial F region irregularities in the SAA longitude sector
    Authors=Ko, C. P., and H. C. Yeh
    article=A11309; doi=10.1029/2010JA015618; pubdate=9 November 2010
    Keyword found:SPDF

  52. Title=Multisatellite low-altitude observations of a magnetopause merging burst
    Authors=Newell, P. T., A. R. Lee, K. Liou, S. Ohtani, S. Wing, and M. Hairston
    article=A11204; doi=10.1029/2010JA015438; pubdate=9 November 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI, OMNI2, NSSDC

  53. Title=Combined radial diffusion and adiabatic transport of radiation belt electrons with arbitrary pitch angles
    Authors=Su, Z., F. Xiao, H. Zheng, and S. Wang
    article=A10249; doi=10.1029/2010JA015903; pubdate=29 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  54. Title=Extreme value statistics in the solar wind: An application to correlated processes
    Authors=Moloney, N. R., and J. Davidsen
    article=A10114; doi=10.1029/2009JA015114; pubdate=29 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  55. Title=Case study of nightside magnetospheric magnetic field response to interplanetary shocks
    Authors=Wang, C., T. R. Sun, X. C. Guo, and J. D. Richardson
    article=A10247; doi=10.1029/2010JA015451; pubdate=28 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  56. Title=Substorm onset by new plasma intrusion: THEMIS spacecraft observations
    Authors=Xing, X., L. Lyons, Y. Nishimura, V. Angelopoulos, D. Larson, C. Carlson, J. Bonnell, and U. Auster
    article=A10246; doi=10.1029/2010JA015528; pubdate=27 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI

  57. Title=Determining the key drivers of magnetospheric Pc5 wave power
    Authors=Simms, L. E., V. A. Pilipenko, and M. J. Engebretson
    article=A10241; doi=10.1029/2009JA015025; pubdate=22 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC

  58. Title=Evidence for OI 630.0 nm dayglow variations over low latitudes during onset of a substorm
    Authors=Chakrabarty, D., R. Sekar, J. H. Sastri, B. M. Pathan, G. D. Reeves, K. Yumoto, and T. Kikuchi
    article=A10316; doi=10.1029/2010JA015643; pubdate=21 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  59. Title=Geomagnetic activity triggered by interplanetary shocks
    Authors=Yue, C., Q. G. Zong, H. Zhang, Y. F. Wang, C. J. Yuan, Z. Y. Pu, S. Y. Fu, A. T. Y. Lui, B. Yang, and C. R. Wang
    article=A00I05; doi=10.1029/2010JA015356; pubdate=21 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  60. Title=An olden but golden EISCAT observation of a quiet-time ionospheric trough
    Authors=Voiculescu, M., T. NygrŽn, A. Aikio, and R. Kuula
    article=A10315; doi=10.1029/2010JA015557; pubdate=16 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI, OMNI2

  61. Title=Statistical comparison of interplanetary conditions causing intense geomagnetic storms (Dst ² −100 nT)
    Authors=Ji, E.-Y., Y.-J. Moon, K.-H. Kim, and D.-H. Lee
    article=A10232; doi=10.1029/2009JA015112; pubdate=15 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  62. Title=Time of flight analysis of pulsating aurora electrons, considering wave-particle interactions with propagating whistler mode waves
    Authors=Miyoshi, Y., Y. Katoh, T. Nishiyama, T. Sakanoi, K. Asamura, and M. Hirahara
    article=A10312; doi=10.1029/2009JA015127; pubdate=14 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  63. Title=Polar cap electric field saturation during interplanetary magnetic field B<sub>z</sub>  north and south conditions
    Authors=Wilder, F. D., C. R. Clauer, and J. B. H. Baker
    article=A10230; doi=10.1029/2010JA015487; pubdate=14 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNI

  64. Title=Quasistatic electric field structures and field-aligned currents in the polar cusp region
    Authors=Jacobsen, K. S., J. I. Moen, and A. Pedersen
    article=A10226; doi=10.1029/2010JA015467; pubdate=14 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb, SPDF

  65. Title=A superposed epoch analysis of auroral evolution during substorms: Local time of onset region
    Authors=Milan, S. E., A. Grocott, and B. Hubert
    article=A00I04; doi=10.1029/2010JA015663; pubdate=14 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, NSSDC

  66. Title=Pressure and entropy changes in the flow-braking region during magnetic field dipolarization
    Authors=Dubyagin, S., V. Sergeev, S. Apatenkov, V. Angelopoulos, R. Nakamura, J. McFadden, D. Larson, and J. Bonnell
    article=A10225; doi=10.1029/2010JA015625; pubdate=13 October 2010
    Keyword found:OMNIWeb

  67. Title=Plasma flow during the brightening of proton aurora in the cusp
    Authors=Taguchi, S., K. Hosokawa, S. Suzuki, A. Tawara, H. U. Frey, J. Matzka, A. S. Yukimatu, and N. Sato
    article=A10308; doi=10.1029/2010JA015535; pubdate=12 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  68. Title=ULF waves excited by negative/positive solar wind dynamic pressure impulses at geosynchronous orbit
    Authors=Zhang, X. Y., Q.-G. Zong, Y. F. Wang, H. Zhang, L. Xie, S. Y. Fu, C. J. Yuan, C. Yue, B. Yang, and Z. Y. Pu
    article=A10221; doi=10.1029/2009JA015016; pubdate=9 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb, OMNI

  69. Title=Magnetopause expansions for quasi-radial interplanetary magnetic field: THEMIS and Geotail observations
    Authors=Suvorova, A. V., J.-H. Shue, A. V. Dmitriev, D. G. Sibeck, J. P. McFadden, H. Hasegawa, K. Ackerson, K. Jel’nek, J. Šafr‡nkov‡, and Z. Němeček
    article=A10216; doi=10.1029/2010JA015404; pubdate=9 October 2010
    Keyword found:CDAWeb

  70. Title=Physical mechanisms of compressional EMIC wave growth
    Authors=McCollough, J. P., S. R. Elkington, M. E. Usanova, I. R. Mann, D. N. Baker, and Z. C. Kale
    article=A10214; doi=10.1029/2010JA015393; pubdate=7 October 2010
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  71. Title=A transient narrow poleward extrusion from the diffuse aurora and the concurrent magnetotail activity
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